Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

With a strong focus on self-defense, Alliance’s BJJ program incorporates the same jiu jitsu first taught at the original Gracie academy in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil during the 1960’s. The class is designed to prepare students for both self-defense and sport jiu jitsu while at the same time improving cardiovascular endurance, balance, and coordination. This program is designed for anyone, male or female, of any body type, or age (16 and over). It is designed to provide students with solid foundation of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Basic BJJ theory, self defense, techniques and principles are introduced. Each class incorporates flow drills designed to help students internalize the fluid body mechanics behind the concepts they are learning.

The class quickly prepares students with the knowledge necessary for self-defense and gives students a sturdy base of knowledge that they will put to practice throughout their jiu jitsu study. Class format consists of the following; a light warm-up, 2-3 techniques are shown, and finally several drills are performed along with a live rolling session. Drills are Alliance’s secret to successful teaching and the basis for solid fundamentals.

Positional sparring and drilling are also core components as the help to develop the student’s muscle memory and physical understanding of the sport. Our BJJ class provides a safe introduction to the art as well as a forum for more advanced students to deepen their practice. You can check out all our Jiu-Jitsu classes from Fundamentals to Advanced on our schedule page.